At BONAE we produce and trade our own and third party products. We dedícate ourselves to our employees and clients in the spirit of strong reliability. Our 3 pillars of business are:

1. RELIABILITY: We strive at performing consistently well

2. CONSIOUSNESS: We are socially aware of our employees and clients needs

3. SUSTAINABILITY: We employ good business practices to continue growing as a team.

BONAE has direct ownership in land projects in Ecuador, Panama and Colombia. We employ best practices to ensure our employees and team leaders are well positioned in the global understanding of the farming processes in and out of the crop fields.

BONAE employs a set of opportunities for third party farmers which include a proforma liquidity offer in exchange of future product and/or a joint venture agreement where we allocate efforts to comercialize their finished products.

WE BELIEVE in the agro space. Our mission is to grow BONAE hand by hand with our employees, clients and friends.