Crunchy Fruit

Crunchy Fruit is our brand for our freeze-dried snacks. 100% Fruit

Crunchy Fruit is ideal for lunch boxes, breakfast, cereals, day-to-day snacks, desserts, the office, the gym, walks, and night meals…

It is practical, healthy and delicious.

Why is Crunchy Fruit different from other snacks?

Simply because it is a snack of 1 ingredient:  FRUIT


• There is nothing added, the taste is unaltered and 100% natural.
• 18 months of shelf life at room temperature.
• Crisp texture.
• Only water is extracted, all nutrients, vitamins and minerals remain within Crunchy Fruit.

What other benefits do we get from these unique characteristics?

  •  Crunchy Fruit only contains natural sugars from the fruit, along with all the fiber. The fiber ensures that the natural sugars present in the fruit are absorbed homogeneously and the release of energy is constant. These effects translate into feeling full for a longer period of time and, therefore, helping to develop healthier eating habits.
  • Portion control – we have included the equivalent of a regular serving of fresh fruit in each Crunchy Fruit package.
  • Ideal for vegetarians and / or vegans.



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